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Problem Solving And The Decision Making Process



Within the context of your local business, organization, or place of employment, apply two (2) of the decision-making techniques presented this week to a decision that you will make now or in the near future. After doing so, compare the possible results of the two techniques/tools of choice. Also, assess which would be most effective. Finally, describe in detail how you used these tools to solve a problem within your organization, business, or place of employment.


Title: Problem Solving And The Decision Making Process
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Problem Solving and the Decision Making Process


Due to the increasing tendency for globalization in the marketplace, the ability to make the right decisions to attain the right results is desirable in management. Most of the management decisions in organizations have significant impacts on all the stakeholders and determine the future of the organization. Making the right decisions helps to accomplish the set goals, objectives, and mission of the organization. It helps in solving internal organizational problems, reaction to external pressures, and in customer attraction and retention. In the role as an organizational manager, one is expected to make crucial decisions for the company, especially those that deal with market diversification and expansion. This paper considers a scenario where a manager is required to make decisions on the best global market to expand sales operations of Apple smartphones. The paper will weight two decision-making processes to come up with the best process for making market decisions.

Simplex Problem-Solving Process

The Simplex Problem-Solving Process is one of the possible techniques that managers use in making market decisions. The technique is important because it ensures that not a single step is overlooked in the process, since every step may lead to viable solutions. It is a decision-making technique that enhances effective and creative decisions within the set scope and timeframe (Bazerman & Moore, 2009). As a business manager for Apple, one would use the Simplex technique by carefully following the eight stages of the decision-making process. These include:


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