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Problem And Opression Women Face Regarding Religion


You have been appointed as a consultant by the Department of Education and Skills to write a report on increasing the level of physical activity in secondary school children in Ireland

The material that is linked is very important, please view the lecture explaining the assignment. It also has the assignment title.

The customer has linked literature that was given by the lecturer and instructed to use - please base the majority of theory on these and find some new sources also.

Try to focus on increasing the level of physical activity in school children, particularly female.. preventing drop out/obesity etc. The lecture attached explains it clearly.


  • Table of contents
  • Executive summary - included in the word count
  • Introduction - Info about and maybe some stuff that didn't make lit review.
  • Lit Review - keep to 750 words.
  • Recommendations - 1000 words.
  • Ref list
  • No appendix required. Customer is completing this them self.
  • Tables and graphs to be referenced, they do not need creating.

Standard layout but the important part is that literature review isn't too long and recommendations is about 1000 words - if possible have 5.

For the literature review please have 3 paragraphs:

  1. 1st - Starting with current levels of activity (barriers/comparisons etc)
  2. 2nd - Types of Physical Activity and the benefits (Bone Density/ Aerobic health etc)
  3. 3rd - Benchmark - Current info (USA policys, Denmark etc)....

Title: Problem And Opression Women Face Regarding Religion
Length: 7 pages (2800 Words)
Style: APA



Religion can be defined as to what people in different societies believe in; their source of spiritual life and how people relate to one another and the Almighty God. For decades, the principles and the teaching of religion define the way human being live and exercise their given responsibilities. While most contemporary of religion supports the sexes of both people, there are some traditional religion sects and organizations that are perceived to affects the welfare and dignity of women in one way or the other. In other words, women have been oppressed by religion. The oppression might be indirect, being sheltered in such a way that there are commonly supposed efforts to preserve ‘moral integrity’ of the society. In what it is called ‘moral integrity’ the women are denied fundamental rights and through the justification of statements such as ‘women need be protected for their good.’


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