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Health Care 2 Pages

Pro Universal Health Care In The U.S.


The first page must be all facts on why the U.S. should be pro universal health.

The second page will be a reflection of your personal opinion and how you feel about universal health care. Please mention in the facts that over 45000 people have died in the U.S. (find the source online) due to no health insurance and that health care is a human right as agreed upon by the united nations (find the source online).


Title: Pro Universal Health Care In The U.S.
Length: 2 pages (1008 Words)
Style: APA


Provision of universal health care has been a matter of concern in the United States for many decades. The high-rising health care cost has been an issue for many Americans who find it challenging to pay for premium health insurance to cater for their health care needs. As a result, millions of Americans lack any form of health insurance leading deaths and poor health services (Ferlie & Shortell 2001). In addition, people that are insured lack enough health care protection. In the past, the problem was facing low-income earners but as the issue intensifies, more middle-class Americans are also getting affected by the problem. As a result, there have been controversies on why the United States should provide a universal health care by adopting a national health care plan.

Due to lack of insurance, many Americans are unable to have a consistent source of health care. The high costs related to the delivery of health care put many people in a situation where they cannot pay for health care services from their pockets. This has led to...


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