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Privacy Issues


Write a professional and polite paper on Privacy Issues in relation with the subject or discipline. Start with the definition. Do not cut and paste and do not use Wikipedia. The paper MUST include ALL sources of information.


Title: Privacy Issues
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Style: APA


Privacy Issues

Privacy is concealing one’s information from the public. Privacy infringement today affects many people. Imagine a situation where an individual or a body has access to your most personal information including your name, address, email, demographic information, social security number, IP address, financial information, and even your medical records. Such sensitive data in the hands of another raises grave concerns upon the individual as to the security of his personal information concerned (David, 1980). Evidently, breaches of privacy are currently on the rise, as an individual’s personal information can be retrieved from online platforms of public bodies such as the government, private organizations, as well as social media platforms that have authority to store and use such information. Consequently, privacy issues should be eradicated.


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