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Principles of Marketing Assignment 4
Marketing 4 Pages

Principles Of Marketing Assignment 4


1.     Describe the core marketing functions within an organization. 

2.     Discuss the goals and expected outcomes of this organizational function.

3.     Explain how companies create customer-centered businesses.

4.     Describe how customer-centered businesses impact the consumer decision-making process.

5.     Describe what tools are used to make effective marketing decisions.


Title: Principles Of Marketing Assignment 4
Length: 4 pages (1888 Words)
Style: APA


Marketing is often understood as the sales or publicity process for a company or product. Marketing is generally visible in things such as the promotion of: products, services, people, places, events, and ideas. This visible aspect can be through forms of advertisement and media. However, there is much more to the marketing process besides simply pricing and promoting. It is defined as an organizational function or course of action that is used for planning, creating, communicating, and delivering (Levens, 2013, p.3). In marketing there is always a goal to be achieved; goals such as building connections, successfully selling products, and overall growth are just a few. Over the years marketing has increasingly evolved. Although it is ever-changing, according to Levens, one key concept that marketing continually uses to this day is the idea of utility. The theory of utility equating to happiness derived from ancient philosophers. 


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