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Prevention Of Allergic Reaction On Guests Resulting From Served Dishes


A family is checking-in to the resort you manage. The father is letting the front desk agent know that their 5 year-old son is deathly allergic to peanuts, peanut oil, and any ingredients related to peanuts.On their second night of stay, the family decided to have dinner in one of the hotel’s F&B outlets. For reasons we still don’t know, the 5 year-old kid was served food with a sauce that had a hint of peanuts in it. It was enough to rush the kid to the hospital. The kid survived, but the family is outraged. Last you heard from the father is “you will hear from my attorney!”As the hotel manager, the safety and well being of your guests is ultimately your responsibility.What would you do, step-by-step, to ensure this never happens again?


Title: Prevention Of Allergic Reaction On Guests Resulting From Served Dishes
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Prevention of Allergic Reaction on Guests Resulting From Served Dishes

 Given that levels of allergic reactions differ, it is unequivocally vital to avoid any interaction among the guests’ dish and mentioned allergen. It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that not at any point should allergens referred to by a guest come into contact with the foods they are served. This will only be achieved through the following steps:


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