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Prevent Text Messaging From Taking Over
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Prevent Text Messaging From Taking Over


Discuss the impact of text messaging upon literacy of today’s youth. 


Title: Prevent Text Messaging From Taking Over
Length: 5 pages (1306 Words)
Style: APA


Prevent Text Messaging From Taking Over

"IT" is in the pockets of every person in this classroom. Without it, we are cut off from all communication. This is our gateway to staying connected with friends and family and with it; people can get a hold of us in a heartbeat. Cellular devices have come a long way since the very first telephone and it is continuing to become more versatile in the ways we communicate. Cell phones are trickling down to our youth and it is becoming more and more accessible to own a mobile device. Children expose themselves to cell phones and other electronic devices at an earlier age and for this reason, children are efficient with the use of technology. Although cell phones are a great way to communicate, the use of text messaging is harming the literacy rate of today's youth.


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