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Prescribed Drugs With Ca Ms


A 35-year-old male, Mr. NX, presents to your clinic today with complaints of back pain and “just not feeling good.” Regarding his back, he states that his back pain is a chronic condition that he has suffered with for about the last 10 years. He has not suffered any specific injury to his back. 

He denies weakness of the lower extremities, denies bowel or bladder changes or dysfunction, and denies radiation of pain to the lower extremities and no numbness or tingling of the lower extremities. He describes the pain as a constant dull ache and tightness across the low back. He states he started a workout program about 3 weeks ago. He states he is working out with a friend who is a body builder. 

He states his friend suggested taking Creatine to help build muscle and Coenzyme Q10 as an antioxidant so he started those medications at the same time he began working out. He states he also takes Kava Kava for his anxiety and garlic to help lower his blood pressure. His historical diagnoses, currently under control, are: Type II diabetes since age 27 High blood pressure Recurrent DVTs His prescribed medications include: Glyburide 3 mg daily with breakfast Lisinopril 20 mg daily Coumadin 5 mg daily


Title: Prescribed Drugs With Ca Ms
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This paper addresses a pharmacological management plan for Mr. NX, including consideration of possible contraindications for CAMs, prescriptive and non-prescriptive recommendations for management of acute pain and other ongoing disease processes, followed by evaluation strategies.

Pharmacological Management Plan

Chronic pain can be categorized as most costly, prevalent and disabling conditions in various workplaces and clinics and it most cases, it remains to be rarely treated. The systematic arrangements and the protocols followed for treatment is not universally accepted by the pain managers, hence boosting traditional methods of treatment and personal experiences. Chronic pain usually leads to inter-related depressions such as loss of the sleep, anxiety disorders, and varied mood (Galper 2011) The specific treatment of the Neuropathic pain can be a challenging experience as the patients suffering from such form of pain normally experience more than the average pain leading to discomfort and lower health quality of life. Therefore, as indicated by the issue of Mr., contraindications of CAMS can prove to save the problem and enable the patient to live free from life. The subsequent sections will illustrate what needs to be exactly done to Mr. NX to disable the conditions of the pain and ensure that the combinations, of therapy through the expansion of knowledge of pharmacological options are available and able to manage different pain mechanism.


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