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‘Prayer' Sonnet By Herbert


Herbert is a wonderfully subtle poet who can write a SONNET like "Prayer" entirely in nouns and noun phrases. (That's right! There are no active verbs in this definition sonnet.) Write a response to this poem in which you try to suggest some of the associations and meaning of some of the nouns and noun phrases Herbert uses to define prayer. I suggest you read the poem carefully and make a list of the various metaphors. Even if you don't understand any biblical associations, there are still some metaphors that should reveal Herbert's sense of what prayer is.


Title: ‘Prayer' Sonnet By Herbert
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


‘Prayer' Sonnet by Herbert

The George Herbert poem the” Prayer” manifests to the reader what a prayer signifies in their lives. The reader is able to understand his relationship with God as it shows that praying expresses itself in many ways. The sonnet is much diverse in the meaning of prayer, which makes the readers understand a prayer as the conflict of negative and positive. Herbert describes God as a conventional mate who can be shouted at and listened to.


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