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Post Study Caffeine Administration Enhances Memory Consolidation In Humans


Does caffeine administration enhances memory consolidation in humans


Title: Post Study Caffeine Administration Enhances Memory Consolidation In Humans
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  Caffeine is a legal nervous system stimulant in that it got taken as a psychoactive drug. It is legalized and unregulated in almost all parts of the world as opposed to other stimulants that get consumed against the law. It is found commonly in the coffee plant although caffeine may also get consumed in beverages such as tea, chocolate as well as a dietary supplement. It got found in coffee berries, stems and leaves thus making the coffee plant uniquely relevant as a whole organism. It is a dual purpose material because of its use as both a drug and food. This substance is addictive having both advantages and disadvantages although their intensity of the results depends on the quantity and amount of caffeine consumed by an individual. Caffeine is seen to have an impact on blood flow, reduction of fatigue implicates on pregnancy at high levels of consumption as well as mental processes.


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