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Possible Career Paths In Human Resource Management


 Write a research paper outlining possible career paths in the field of Human Resources Management (HRM) and based upon independent research discuss how different organizations might develop and implement a strategic HRM plan.


Title: Possible Career Paths In Human Resource Management
Length: 3 pages (996 Words)
Style: APA


Possible Career Paths in Human Resource Management

The Human resource management field provides a many career options for individuals in the business world. Although the career paths are all aimed at achieving a central role, which is business success, it is evident that each of them plays an important role.

1.         Placement Managers 

These individuals are involved in searching for employees. This is done through advertisements, search firms, employment forms, and universities or even from competitors. The recruiters search for candidates while interviewers interact with the applicants to determine those that fit the job descriptions (Meyer, 2015). This leads to the final hiring decisions where the best candidates are employed.

2.         Training and Development Specialists 

 These people are involved in the training, planning, developing, coordinating employees in an organization. The trainers educate the employees by affecting the required skills in them in order to promote their working ability. They are also involved in the creation of training manuals for employees to follow (Meyer, 2015).


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