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Porsche Strategic Report



You should prepare a Strategy Report of 3,500 words which relates the module material to your chosen case study organisation. Please note, this is an INDIVIDUAL report.

Assessment Rationale

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this module, students will be able to:
How the assessment relates to the learning outcome
Learning outcome 1
Critically apply appropriate strategy concepts and analysis tools in order to undertake holistic and in-depth critical analysis in relation to real life organisational situations
Students will have to select appropriate module material and apply it in order to critically analyse their chosen case study organisation along a number of dimensions in order to produce a high quality report
Learning outcome 2
Synthesise analytical evidence using logical reasoning to enable the formulation and presentation of clear, well-structured and balanced arguments and options in relation to real life organisational situations
Students will have to consider all the evidence about the strategy of their chosen case study organisation, and formulate and present a clear, well-structured and balanced argument and options in relation to their chosen case study organisation.


Executive summary (5 marks available) The executive summary should briefly outline the subject matter, the background issues, the scope of the investigation, the method(s) of analysis, the important findings arguments and important issues raised in the discussion, the conclusion and recommendations. COMMENTS: 


Macro & micro context (10 marks available) There should be consideration of the macro and micro environment, and these should be meaningfully related to the business organisation in terms of potential impacts and opportunities; COMMENTS: 


Strategic capabilities (10 marks available) You should identify and evaluate the strategic capabilities of the organisation. COMMENTS: 


Culture (10 marks available) The importance of culture as a driver or barrier to the implementation of strategy must be considered; you should also consider the organisation’s strategic purpose and connect that to its governance and structure COMMENTS: 


Business OR corporate strategies(10 marks available) There must be a consideration of the business or corporate strategies used by the organisation and these must be related to its competitiveness. COMMENTS: 


International strategy OR Innovation (10 marks available) There should be consideration of the organisation’s international strategy and/or mergers; OR consideration of dilemmas, drivers and barriers to innovation within the organisation. COMMENTS: 


Strategic options (10 marks available) Recommendation of some strategic options for the organisation to maintain or enhance competitiveness in the future. These should be related to the potential impacts of macro or competitive forces as outlined earlier in the report. COMMENTS: 


PRESENTATION (5 marks available) The report should be well-presented, meaning that it should be clear and well-structured, with few or no spelling or grammatical errors, and it should be correctly referenced in a consistent Harvard style. COMMENTS: 


Your total score for the strategy report is (out of a maximum of 70):


Marking scheme-Strategy Report (70%)

Maximum word count is 3,500 (excluding references).  Suggested word count in sections: this is up to you but as a guide, aim for something like 500 words for each section and 350-500 for the executive summary.


Title: Porsche Strategic Report
Length: 13 pages (3907 Words)
Style: APA


Porsche Strategic Report

Executive Summary

Porsche is greatly influenced by many political, socio-cultural, economic, and environmental factors in its market segments. For instance, the change of the legislative and political structures in the United States has created significant problems for the automobile firm. The improvement of incomes and salaries for the common citizens has also influenced more individuals to purchase private automobiles. With its great focus on technological advancement, the company faces low technological barriers that enhance its competitiveness. The major strength of Porsche is that it has designed different models with different functions and different target customers. However, most of the Porsche automobiles are relatively high in prices as compared to its competitor brands. With its advanced engineering expertise, Porsche would successfully design and manufacture an electric Porsche 911 automobile. This is especially based on the fact that Porsche is the first and only luxury sports car manufacturer that has successfully built its car engine in the back of its automobiles, a factor that initially used to be physically impossible. The reason for its continued growth is the corporate culture it has developed. Porsche is established on the culture that values and promotes its employees as the most important asset for corporate success. The company is mainly characterized by a staff that is in manual work that is ever greatly valued. The Porsche employees are encouraged to embrace courage and creativity and sustain the spirit of innovation. This paper provides a strategic business analysis of Porsche.

 Macro and Micro Context

Micro Environment 

The macro-environmental factors that affect the business segment at Porsche include the economic forces, technological forces, cultural forces, and environmental forces. The factors shape the marketing structure of Porsche in different global market segments. The rapid growth of the global economy in the last decade has helped to improve the incomes and purchasing power of most of the common citizens in different global markets (Corlett 4).


 Porsche is greatly influenced by many political factors in its market segments.


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