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Pornography And The Internet


Write an essay on pornography and the internet.

Remember that the focus of this course is on social, legal, and ethical issues related to technology. Don't just give technical descriptions, or material that is purely factual or historic. On the other hand, be sure to give enough facts to support your statements.

The organization of your paper will depend somewhat on the topic you select. However, the organization of a typical paper might look like this:

Title, student name, course, semester (not included in 750 word limit)

Statement of the issue with background, history, and/or importance of the topic, include how topic is related to the course (1-2 paragraphs)

Detail main arguments on both sides of the issue, including pro and con arguments

Counter arguments to pro and con arguments

Your analysis and conclusions


Bibliography - list of references used and cited (not included in 750 word limit)

You must cover at least two sides of an issue, whether you agree with the arguments or not. All arguments must be presented completely and in an unbiased manner. Then evaluate the arguments on the different sides and give counter arguments.

The paper must include your own analysis and evaluation (after you have presented the major arguments). Summarize the different points of view on this issue (giving appropriate citations) and state and justify your own position. Be sure to support your position with convincing arguments and facts -- try to write in a way that would make someone who initially disagreed with you think about the issue more carefully. Be persuasive, not antagonistic.

Be sure to use a variety of reference sources (and a variety of types of sources), minimum of five. Include at least three references from peer-reviewed journals or books. See What does Peer-Reviewed mean and How to Effectively Use SDSU Infodome for Research in Readings & Documents for information on acceptable reference sources. Articles from magazines and Web sites are a timelier source of information and may be used, but should not be considered as reliable as peer-reviewed journals or books. Quote where appropriate. Give citations for facts and quotations, indicating the sources for the material you are using. However, you should not just copy paragraphs from other sources. Explain the material as clearly and concisely as you can in your own words.

Tips and Reminders

Start early. In the past a few students waited until late in the semester to get started, and then discovered that it was difficult to find enough material on their chosen topic.

Write an outline. One of the most common problems with papers is poor organization. Organize your thoughts. Use section headings to indicate the topic or purpose of sections of the paper. Section headings help me when I grade your paper and generally result in better grades.

Pay attention to the quality of your sources. If you use articles from the Web as sources, be sure to properly cite the reference including the URL and the organization sponsoring the site. Remember, there's a lot of junk and unsupported opinion on the Web, be sure you know who is responsible for the site.

Edit your paper. Give yourself enough time to let your paper sit for a few days and then go back and read it. You will be surprised at the mistakes you find by giving time between writing and editing.

Plagiarism. Now and then a student hands in a paper he or she did not write at all, or in which large segments are copied from other sources. Please don't do this. It is dishonest, unfair to your fellow students, and unpleasant for both you and me. Cases of plagiarism are reported to the Judicial Procedures office, and will result in a failing grade for the course. Write in your own words. Ask me if you have any questions about what is appropriate.

Grading Criteria

Grading criteria include:

Following instructions for the assignment (including submitting the topic proposal)

Statement of the issue including background or history of the topic

Presentation of issues related to the course material

Quality of arguments and analysis, fairness in presenting all sides

Structure and organization

Clarity of writing

Sufficient references, including quality of references and use of references within the paper (I can tell if you base your paper on just one reference)


Meeting deadlines

Note: the instructions for this assignment are over 750 words. That means these instructions are longer than your paper will be. You need to write concisely. If you submit a paper longer than 750 words you will not get full credit. I will not read beyond 750 words, which means I will not grade anything beyond the first 750 words. I do not include headings or citations in the 750 word count.


Title: Pornography And The Internet
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA


Pornography and the Internet


The ubiquitous nature of internet has not only made pornography accessible but also affordable and anonymous (Peterson). People no longer creep to adult store to acquire porn materials as humongous and a variety of content is readily available at the click of a mouse. Because of the internet, porn has been normalized to the extend where adults are no longer hiding their like for porn. Furthermore, the fact that the society has embraced porn because of its ready availability online has made concerned parties such as feminists to agitate for regulation and control of content online. The issue of porn has divided the society into almost equal halves; while some get hurt by it, others have entertained their fantasies more, while other have made a fortune out of it.


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