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Population and Migration Module 7

Population And Migration Module 7


All students must follow current, international news events as reported in media sources. There is a different topic for each module. Essentially, you are looking for a real world example/case study of the module topic. All students will turn-in under Assignments a two-paragraph summary and analysis of a selected current event for each module by the due date. The first paragraph should be a brief summary of the article. The second paragraph should be an analysis that demonstrates you have read and understand the article. That is, the first paragraph shows me that you read the article. The second paragraph shows me that you thought about it. 

Only legitimate news organization websites may be used as sources. A list of recommended media sources is attached below. Recommended International News Sources on the Internet 

NY Times 




These are suggestions. Feel free to use other sites. Be sure to cite your sources.

Submit a News Summary on Population and/or Migration for Module 7.

Be sure to include the full citation or full URL of the media item you are using.

Be sure to submit one paragraph that summarizes the media item and another paragraph that analyzes or critiques the media item.


Title: Population And Migration Module 7
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


Population and Migration Module 7

A population is the number of people living in a given geographical area thereby being capable of interbreeding. Migration is the total number of births, less the difference in immigration and emigration plus deaths. The human population has been influenced by different migration patterns hence distribution of people worldwide. The fertility rates have been varying from one region to the next. A high fertility rate is indicated in Africa in Niger in 2010, with more young people being born and low mortality rate under five years with very few elderly people. This shows a low life expectancy with even distribution of all age categories thus presumed to be growing rapidly. Low fertility rates are exemplified in Asia- South Korea, with a low birthrate having newer age categories with children being born.


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