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Popular Culture
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Popular Culture


Please answer the following 3 questions using the corresponding articles as a reference.  

Question 1: What are the main differences between Pierre Bourdieu’s (Distinction) and Douglas Holt’s analyses?

Question 2: First, read the following articles.

Second, define “symbolic boundary,” and apply the concept of symbolic boundaries to these articles. Describe what kind of symbolic boundaries are relevant in these articles. Which songs in these articles produce the most effective symbolic boundaries? Why do you think that’s the case?

Question 3: Johnston and Baumann (2007) argue that food critics predominantly talk about food through two dominant frames: an “authenticity” frame and an “exoticism” frame.

First, discuss both frames. How do critics use these frames to legitimate particular kinds of food? Second, on the internet (e.g., a newspaper article, blog, interview with an artist, etc.), find an example of discourse about a different cultural object (e.g., music, film, books, art, etc.) that uses one of both of these frames, and provide a cursory analysis of how they use that frame.


Title: Popular Culture
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


Popular Culture

Question 1: 

Pierre Bourdieu states that there are various forms of capital in the social field which are economic, social and cultural capital. Furthermore, he states that cultural capital is divided into the following: practical knowledge, skills and dispositions; objectified cultural objects and official degrees and diplomas that certify embodied forms of culture. He puts forward that the distinctions mentioned have a significant impact on the social structures affect the consumption patterns of the respective social classes.

Conversely, Douglas Holt states that the culture of consumption has become increasingly treacherous. For this reason, social structures no longer produce distinctive patterns. This means that we can not conclusively determine the social consumption patterns.


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