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Poor Corporate Governance


Choose a business issue such as job dissatisfaction, narcissism,
learning theories, etc. from your own professional work experience or
peer-reviewed journal articles. Apply these 2 concepts ( mental models,
Fiedler contingency model)  to the issue you are
discussing. Keep in mind that chapters 10–14 deal with work teams,
organizational communication, leadership, and politics, so find a
scenario that is most applicable in those regards. Discuss the scenario
and apply 2 core concepts from chapters 10–14 in doing so : 

Poor Corporate Governance 


Title: Poor Corporate Governance
Length: 1 pages (335 Words)
Style: MLA


Poor Corporate Governance 

Good corporate governance is very important to the growth and sustainability of any business.  For an organization to thrive, it must ensure that its employs competent management team. It is the role of the managers to make informed decisions regarding the operations of the firm.  If the managers cannot make right decisions, then the success of the business is at risk. One of the major issues in business is poor governance, where an organization’s leadership ignores or lacks the necessary corporate governance skills.  Managers ‘ignorance of appropriate governance skills has negative impacts to all the stakeholders.


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