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Agriculture 3 Pages

Politician's Perspective In Farming


Politicians often need to address the concerns of their constituents, and some interest groups may be more important to one politician than another. Committee members might represent constituencies that are
largely urban or rural. Farm bills raise numerous issues and debates in both the House of Representatives and Senate.

Choose 1 member of either the House Agriculture or the Senate Agriculture Committee, and discuss that politician’s position and perspective on agriculture. Answer the following:

•What position does this politician hold regarding subsidies and conservation?

•Which people or organizations in this politician’s district will have the most influence on this person?

•Discuss how this politician’s position can impact the following: ◦Future of agriculture

◦Diversity of crops grown in the United States

◦Price of food


Title: Politician's Perspective In Farming
Length: 3 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Running head: POLITICIAN'S PERSPECTIVE IN FARMING                                         2

 The House of Representatives is free to establish and abolish committees according to the best way to enable its members to do their work of reviewing legislation, conduct investigations and supervise the duty of the federal government. The committees are in three categories standing, select and joint. Standing committees are permanent, have oversight authority, manage programs and agencies of the executive branch under their jurisdiction. The special committees are either temporary or permanent. Some have legislative power while others do not. 


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