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Political Participation


What changed, if anything, in the American political culture between 2004 and 2012? This was a period that saw the reelection of two very different presidents, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Be sure not just to describe the issues that were important in the 2004, 2008 and 2012 elections, but analyze whether or not there were differences in the way that the candidates campaigned and in the American electorate.

Feel free to utilize external resources analyzing the 2008 election, such as:

While the 2012 election happened only recently, there are some web sources which you might want to consult:


Title: Political Participation
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Political Participation

Several things changed with regard to the American political culture between the years 2004 and 2012. With the reelections of two different presidents, American politics became polarized, especially during the 2008 election year. Two thousand and eightsaw expansion of red states as wellas increased interest in the politics concerning the African-American and Hispanic population. Traditionally these groups have been known to vote democratically. In a bid to understand the cultural wars existing between liberals and conservatives, it is important to note that they both seek to define their stand on both social and economic issues. In terms of social matters, Americans have become more liberal; however, on issues economic, there appears to be a divide.


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