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Policy Document For Dubai Ethics Authority


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Title: Policy Document For Dubai Ethics Authority
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Policy Document for Dubai Ethics Authority


Dubai, along with Saudi Arabia make up of one of the biggest and most prosperous emirates in the United Arab Emirates. Under the federation, Dubai is governed by the federal law of the UAE, as envisaged in the federal constitution. In this arrangement, the constitution provides for the separation of powers between the federal government and the governments of each emirate. Dubai is, therefore, subject to federal laws but retains the ability to administer its internal affairs, while enjoying several other exclusive rights. For instance, Dubai being a prominent member of the United Arab Emirates, it holds, along with Saudi Arabia, veto powers for federal legislation affecting the federation. Thus, Dubai has to adhere to federal jurisdiction through several federal institutions set by the constitution. The federal instruments created by the constitution and affecting the state of Dubai include the president and the vice president, the federal national council (legislature), the federal supreme council (executive), the Council of the Ministers of the union and the union judiciary.


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