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Policing Trends And Issues


In law enforcement officers are constantly getting caught breaking the law, imagine it is 25 years into the future. Describe how the problem has manifested itself. 

Imagine it is 25 years into the future. Describe how social media helped and/or improved law enforcement efforts.


Title: Policing Trends And Issues
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA


Police are regularly breaking the laws in the name of maintaing law and order, the same laws they swore to uphold. There are numerous cases where the police have infringed on the law while in pursuit for criminals or suspects. One of these cases is police exceeding set speed limits while pursuing an over-speeding runway vehicle. In other cases, undercover police going after drug peddlers or barons are compelled to break several laws like buying and peddling the same drugs so as to reach and apprehend the criminals involved. Such privileges have emboldened the police feel above the law to the extent of having the audacity to be involved in criminal activities such as taking of bribes, and armed robbery in the shroud of property seizure or forfeiture that most is committed with impunity.


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