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Police Brutality In America


Unit 9 Project Rubric (230 points) Points




Essay Content and Visuals: Includes a compelling introduction

that ends with a logical persuasive thesis statement and a

conclusion that effectively wraps up the essay. Supports main

points effectively and clearly in the body paragraphs (no logical

fallacies, outside sources used to support arguments where

appropriate) and skillfully refutes counter-arguments or

misconceptions without ignoring data that contradicts the thesis.

Shows original thought. If graphics are included, they are labeled

appropriately, cited if from a source, and explained in the text of the

paragraph (e.g., As seen in Figure 1,...). Meets or exceeds 1200

word minimum (not including graphics, title and reference pages, or

final “reflection” paragraph).


Organization: Paragraphs are well-developed, coherent, and

logically organized.


Sources: Refers to at least 5 reliable sources and includes at least

one book and one periodical article. Sources are cited in-text and on

the references page, except for personal communications, which

are cited in-text only. Sources are appropriate for an academic



APA: Follows APA 6th edition manuscript layout and citation style.

Includes properly formatted title and references pages.


Style and mechanics: The style is appropriate for an academic

essay, and sentences are engaging to read as well as clear,

concise, and precise. Project is free of serious errors; grammar,

punctuation, and spelling help to clarify the meaning by following

accepted conventions of Standard American English.


Reflection: Includes a well-developed paragraph after the

references page of no less than 200 words reflecting upon how the

effective writing skills learned in this course can be used for future

writing success in personal and professional situations.



Title: Police Brutality In America
Length: 5 pages (1375 Words)
Style: APA


Police Brutality in America


Police brutality occurs when personnel in areas of law enforcement use excessive force against United States citizens when undertaking their duties. Law enforcement personnel are expected to protect citizens from legitimate thugs, criminals, and other citizens who are out to cause chaos to other individuals in society, who otherwise would disrupt the peace in society. They are law enforcers and not the judge and jury over people’s lives. The police officers in the force are trained to protect citizens from any impending danger. Majority of the times, police officers become the criminals themselves; they cease to provide protection to the public ending up as the perpetrators of violence rather the protectors from it.


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