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Urban Studies 4 Pages

Planning Issues In ‘As It Is In Heaven’ Movie


As It Is in Heaven "movie"

This is a movie that deals with two different cultures, urban and rural. You will note the differences are too strong and should be able to compare the two with your own cultural experience here. Some planning issues are:

  1. Neighborhood / Community environment
  2. Urban and rural; Distinction between the two cultures
  3. Individual freedom in rural communities
  4. Everybody is too close in rural communities 
  5. Neighborhood support or lack of support

Write an analysis of PLANNING or related issues. Your content grade will be based on your assessment of aspects of planning or related points put forth in the movie. DO NOT write a summary - assume the reader has seen the movie. Remember your analysis of the movie needs to be on PLANNING or related issues like race, society, family, or other aspects dealt within the movie that directly or indirectly affect planning. You may use examples from the movie to support your analysis. Be sure to check your past papers for grammar issues to be resolved. We grade harder on grammar with each paper so you need to improve to keep the same grammar grade. See the Writing Guidelines we have posted in the Course Documents section of blackboard. As usual, the paper should be 3-4 pages double spaced, font size 12.


Title: Planning Issues In ‘As It Is In Heaven’ Movie
Length: 4 pages (1160 Words)
Style: MLA


Planning Issues in ‘As it is in Heaven’ Movie


Urban and rural planning are important aspects that determine the rural and urban lives. It determines how people in the rural areas relate differently from those in the urban areas and the relationship between them. The neighborhood and community environments for both the rural and urban areas are also different as the urban environment is more complex and complicated as compared to the simple life in the rural settings. Making reference to the movie, ‘As it is in Heaven,’ this paper discusses the planning issues that lead to different outlooks and appearances of the life in the rural areas and as compared to the urban life. The distinction between the two cultures is made with the analysis of the individual freedom that characterizes life in the rural areas. As will be noted in the paper, people in the rural communities are too close to one another and have numerous ways of supporting one another.


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