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Plan: Designing A Professional Development Activity (Module 6)


Effective professional development leaders must design and implement professional development that provides learning opportunities that are aligned with school, teacher, and/or student needs. You have developed a professional development agenda and professional development implementation plan. This assignment will build upon your prior work to design a professional development activity.

To prepare for this Assignment:
Identify one main professional development goal for your school district or school you included in your implementation plan in Module 5. Identify the strategies needed to develop a minimum of three activities to address that professional development goal. Review your response for the assignments in Module 5 as you develop this Assignment.

  •  The expanded professional development implementation plan should address:
  • Select one professional development goal identified in the implementation plan in Module 5.
    • Describe the school improvement goal/objective based on data selected from the school or district information/school improvement plan.
    • Identify the first three activities that can be implemented within the school year to address that professional development goal. Provide a brief description of those activities and a rationale for their selection.
    • Select the first of the three activities to be implemented in the fall. Fully develop the activity to include the following:
      • session objectives,
      • a session agenda,
      • a scripted visual presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint or other program)
  • Describe how you will use mixed methods research to evaluate this activity (including possible instruments you might use or develop)

Assignment length: 6 Pages


Title: Plan: Designing A Professional Development Activity (Module 6)
Length: 6 pages (1650 Words)
Style: APA


Personal learning goals are the genesis of professional development activity. The personal goals include knowledge, behaviors or an extensive understanding of the fact that students should be able to identify what is important in their own learning process. The students should be able to relate what they learn on their daily basis on general work habits, the domains of learning, the specific subject or the combination of the above. Professional development activity involves realizing of the personal learning goals as issues of improving student’s learning process and constantly monitoring all the learning process to ensure that the students build the extensive capacity to learn and become the responsible members of the society. It also involves building the capacity of students to become the active participants throughout the entire learning process, empowering the learners to become critical thinkers and also motivating them to realize their full potential and capabilities in different endeavors. Ideally, studies reveal that students who set their own goals have the chances of achieving more as compared to the situation where the teacher set the goals for such students. The student’s core motivation of improving and mastering any given task mainly dwells on the improvement of the student’s self-esteem and commitment of achieving the best in the given area of study. The purpose of this work is to identify the strategies needed to develop activities identified in the implementation plan in Module 5 so as to address professional development goal. The three activities identified in Module 5 were continuing education, job performance, and increased responsibilities and duties.


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