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Philosophy 6 Pages

Philosophy Of My Life


Describe your own philosophy of life, including your thoughts about metaphysics (What is reality?), epistemology (How do we know anything?), and ethics (What is the good life?). In the course of your essay, deal with the following issues: 

  1. Does life have meaning or is it absurd? If it has meaning, what gives it meaning?
  2. What do you think of the future of humankind? Where are we going? 
  3. What is wisdom and how important is it for human beings? How does one become wise? Why do some people become wise and others not? 
  4. Pick someone from your own personal experience, from history, or from fiction who exemplifies your idea of wisdom. What is it about this person which makes him or her wise? Describe the attributes of the person. 

Title: Philosophy Of My Life
Length: 6 pages (1830 Words)
Style: MLA


Philosophy of My Life

            The philosophy of my life is to strive for success in everything I do. I have always wanted to become the best in everything since I was a child. My craving for success began while I was still young, I used to compete with my neighbors in almost everything we did together, from running to cycling and even swimming. At school, I strive to be the best in our class and assist others understand what the course work holds.

Competition has always ruled my mind, passion drives every desire I have and persistence has seen me hold on to my goals even during hard times. In everything I do, I never give up or relent in meeting my goals. I have built confidence in pursuing everything my mind conceives, because it can achieve. Stretching my limit and achieving my dreams is my joy of living, I believe that I can achieve anything through hard work.


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