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Philosophy And Vision For Nursing


Develop a personal Philosophy and Vision for Nursing as you continue to mature and evolve as a professional in nursing.

Criteria for the Philosophy and Vision for Nursing assignment:

  • Describe major values, attributes, and concepts you embody as critical to the profession of nursing.
  • Explain related nursing theory or principles of nursing theories that are most often congruent or in alignment with your own philosophy of nursing.
  • Reflect back on the early courses in nursing and looking through a new lens as a baccalaureate prepared nurse, explain how your philosophy of nursing either changed or strengthened as you progressed throughout the nursing program.
  • In one-two sentences, state your vision for the future of nursing and where you envision nursing evolving.

Title: Philosophy And Vision For Nursing
Length: 4 pages (1199 Words)
Style: APA


Philosophy and Vision for Nursing

Nursing is a critical profession, which deals with the wellbeing of patients in the hospital. Nurses are mandated to take care of their assigned patients based on the physician’s instructions which vary depending on the level of illness of the patient and the type of illness they are suffering from (Chitty, 2013). Nurses are therefore the key individuals who monitor the progress of the patients in the hospital and ensure that the patients take their medication as required by their treatment procedures (Chitty, 2013). The essay expresses my personal philosophy on the nursing profession throughout my evolution in the field. It will look at the major values, attributes, and concepts of nursing through relating them with relevant theories, which are in alignment with the profession.

Philosophy and Vision

The nursing profession holds several values, attributes, and concepts. My personal philosophy on nursing is that nurses are responsible for the provision of safe, holistic and care that is patient centered and not self-centered. This illustrates the core values of the nursing profession. To me, my patients are not the hospital rooms or the medical conditions but the people who require my professional attention and assistance in order to realize an improvement in their general health. Nurses should uphold values such as patient doctor discreteness, honesty, responsibility, and kindness. This will enable them to handle their patients with care and without any kind of discrimination. There are also tributes that good and moral nurses should have. For instance, nurses should make use of their clinical judgement in meeting the needs of their patients(Nelson, 2011).


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