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Psychology 3 Pages

Personality Test


Examine your own personality by completing a personality test using the following site: 

Reflecting on your own personality, respond to this project in an essay, addressing each item below. Include research from at least one scholarly source from the CSU Online Library to support yourresponses.

  • Describe how emotional intelligence and understanding personality types are important for developing relationships.
  • Examine the extent to which you believe that personality profiles can help to reduce workplace conflicts.
  • Describe personality types of coworkers that cause personality conflicts for you based on your own personality assessment.
  • Describe a time you experienced a personality conflict, and discuss how you addressed it.

Format your essay consistent with APA guidelines. Your essay should be two pages in length, not including the title page or reference page. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying intent citations in the proper APA format.The myCSU Student Portal has great learning resources available for students. 


Title: Personality Test
Length: 3 pages (1500 Words)
Style: APA



Personality is the essence that describes one’s character and ultimately the decisions that they will make in particular situations especially complicated ones. A personality like character is developed and nurtured overtime, mostly being affected by hobbies, habits and daily activities. The type of personality that one holds will describe how they perceive the world and their thought process. In addition, personality will define how people build their relationships where people will consider personality before they involve themselves with new persons.


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