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Personalities In The Pan African Movements


Essay Design 

This essay will utilize comparison and contrast, and should be designed and structured correctly. You will use this format to show differences between characters in a piece of literature. We will be reading a short piece of literature as the basis for this assignment. As we have discussed, this essay is designed as follows: 

  1. The introduction summarizes the relevant aspects of the literature and introduces them to the reader. You should also introduce your reader to the idea of archetypes.
  2. The main points of the body will be made by noting specific points of similarity and difference. You may choose to present all of the similarities first and all of the differences second. You may also choose to alternate between points of similarity and points of difference. Either of these styles is correct for this essay design. Be certain that the way you structure the body of your essay, along with the content of your main points, support assertions you make as a reader of this literature.
  3. The conclusion will give the reader what you have taken from the literature and demonstrate how your assertions about this literature are supported.

The Literature 

You will be reading an essay for this assignment:  “A Father Learns from His Son”

Reading Critically

  • Read the piece for its main points and summarize them. 
  • Using quotations, find and describe all the characters present in the piece. 
  • Tell what literary archetype each character represents. 
  • Explain how each one compares/differs from the main character or narrator.


Title: Personalities In The Pan African Movements
Length: 2 pages (566 Words)
Style: MLA


Compare & Contrast

In the short story “A Father learns A Lesson from His Son”, the narrator depicts three very different characters with different personalities. Despite being of the same lineage, the three characters prove to be very different in terms of how they treat each other. Velan, the son of Kuppa, is a carpenter and a drunk who is seen to mistreat his father who happens to be very old and ill at the time. Muthu, who is Velan's son, is a young kind hearted man who dislikes how Velan treats his father but is too young and too weak to stand up to his father for his cruelty. Velan is depicted as a very cruel and cold hearted man who makes his father an earthen plate so that when the food he puts on the plate appears more than it actually is. Muthu, on the other hand, is depicted a being a very kind young boy who is kind to his grandfather and dislikes how his father treats his grandfather.


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