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Personal Media Inventory
Communications 6 Pages

Personal Media Inventory


Media Analysis. COM/400 @ UOP

What media is consumed on a daily basis and how does this consumption affect the view of one's self and the world?


Title: Personal Media Inventory
Length: 6 pages (1336 Words)
Style: APA


The Personal Media Inventory recorded over the 48-hour period communicates several points about my exposure to various forms of media. First, it reiterates the importance of media convergence in the lives of humans today. Media convergence is defined as the phenomenon involving the interconnection of information and communications technologies, computer networks, and media content (Flew, 2015). In a world that revolves around new technological advances, the ability to take media virtually anywhere via mobile devices and the Internet is an important factor in how we consume media. The times of being home to view the daily news or read the newspaper every morning are gone; we can now view news stories at our convenience

Content is another important factor in media exposure. Personally, I view both entertaining and informative content. This content ranges from news articles and videos, school related materials, social media updates from friends and family, and entertaining television shows. With so much media available, we are able to choose the content that is most relevant to our lives. However, it is important to point out that we cannot fully control the content we are exposed to. Even when visiting websites relevant to our interests, there may be advertisements that we do not want to see. This is especially true concerning informational media. Blurring the line between advertising and editorial could harm the credibility of news brands 


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