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English 101 3 Pages

Personal Essay


Write a well-developed essay (non-fiction story) on a topic that raises interesting questions for you. Topics should arise from your own personal experience or observations.

The essay (non-fiction story) should offer a central insight about what you’ve come to understand about yourself or the topic. This insight need not be stated explicitly in the first or last paragraph, but it should be suggested through the details.

By connecting your experiences to a larger idea, you build a bridge between your experiences and the reader (and answer the “so what” question).

You will explore memories, experiences, observations with the goal of personal discovery – reaching new insight. Where appropriate, use the five senses in your descriptions. Show the reader rather than just telling them.

Topic ideas:

  • Write about a meaningful event from the past, one that shaped who you are today.
  • Describe a place that has meaning in your life.

Try brainstorming with the prompts on p.88-91 of The Curious Writer


Title: Personal Essay
Length: 3 pages (783 Words)
Style: APA


Personal Essay

When I was at the age of about 12 years old, my grandmother encouraged me to read books about animals. It's for this reason that I become an active reader of pleasure books especially those that narrates stories about animals. Usually, people avoid leading books narrating about animals stories because of their sentimental theme. I became emotional when it comes to reading about their behavior and their connections with humans.

At the age of about eleven, I came across a book that narrated about a horse that was stuck on an island. The book title was Misty & Chatlenaque.  The horse was on a trading ship when the ship hit the rocks. The horse went through a lot of hardship. Misty, that was the name of the horse, went through several hardships where wild animals attacked her, horse traders beat her repeatedly, and the sea tried to kill her.


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