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Performance Management System for Oxfam Australia
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Performance Management System For Oxfam Australia


To design an effective performance management system for a selected organisation. This is a real world task which is frequently undertaken by human resource management consultants.


First of all, students will research their selected organisation and the HRM challenges in the organisation. Using HRM principles and theory, design a performance management system, including Performance Review forms, to address the identified organisational challenges. The essay must draw on HRM references presented in this unit. In an appendix, include Performance Review Forms.


Title: Performance Management System For Oxfam Australia
Length: 8 pages (2837 Words)
Style: APA


Performance Management System for Oxfam Australia

Oxfam Australia is a non-governmental organization that works with communities and partners to find innovative and practical ways for people to thrive and escape poverty. Oxfam also operates on the global scale with a particular focus on fighting injustice and poverty among the people. Among the duties of Oxfam Australia is campaigning for societal change, dealing with emergencies, holding corporations into account on individual human rights and fighting for improvements in people’s livelihoods in areas such as the provision of water and sanitation, infrastructure development and environmental protection.

Oxfam Australia Human Resource Challenges

Oxfam organization faces challenges in its global capacity because the number of foreign employees working abroad has increased. Most of the employees work in different cultural areas, countries and areas of specialization. The trend shows aspects of planned change that (Stone, 2013) attenuates. According to (Stone, 2013), an organization requires a change in the workforce to ensure people with new abilities, skills and knowledge are employed and their technical skills upgraded. The increase of workers working abroad has led to Oxfam facing a new global challenge in human resource management. The emerging challenges include dissemination of knowledge and innovation. Oxfam is facing the challenge of spreading cutting edge practices and knowledge throughout the organization’s employees despite different areas of origination. Deployment of workers to areas they are required and having the right skills to ensure organizations growth in different geographical locations. Another challenge is the process of identifying and developing talents of employees on a global scale. These are employees who can function effectively in any area of duty in the organization.

 For Oxfam employees to handle global assignments effectively in countries such as Australia, they have to develop human resource procedures and policies. Practically, Oxfam has to address issues such as identification, assessment and selection of candidates with business and technical skills, cultural sensitivity, flexibility, and interpersonal skills.


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