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Performance Management
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Performance Management


Imagine that you are a director of performance management. With this role in mind, briefly compare and contrast the traditional annual evaluation method of performance appraisals with the new real-time feedback coaching format. State which method you support, and explain why. How do you think Frederick W. Taylor would respond to the real-time feedback coaching system? Explain.

Be sure to follow the guidelines below.

  • Your paper should be at least three and half length (not counting the title page and reference page).
  • Writing should include proper grammar, sentence structure, and writing mechanics.
  • Organization should be logical, clear, and appropriate.
  • You should provide strong evidence of critical thinking.
  • Paragraphs should contain strong topic sentences.
  • The essay should begin with an introduction to the topic.
  • You should make use of logical transitions.
  • You must find at least two additional references in addition to any of the required readings that you use for a total of five references.
  • All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations in APA Frmat.

Your paper should be formatted in accordance to APA format.


Title: Performance Management
Length: 10 pages (1750 Words)
Style: APA



Performance Appraisals are a method of assessment of an individual’s performance in a systematic manner. According to (Khanna & Sharma, 2014), the evaluation is made based on several factors such as working knowledge of the employee, their initiative, their leadership quality, ability to work with minimal or no supervision and other relevant skills. Traditionally, the performance appraisals were done annually. Since the manager did the assessment of all the employees at the same time, this was time-consuming and tiring. For instance, if a manager’s heads a department with ten employees and he is to take five hours to assess each of the employees that would total to an equivalent of around a week of assessment.


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