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Paper: Market Segment Analysis


Paper: Market Segment Analysis

For this paper, select a market segment for analysis. The market segment might be based on age, gender, geography, attitude, or other factors. (Ex: football players, parents, grandparents, specific ethnicity, etc.) Read a minimum of five articles about the market segment to obtain information such as facts, behaviors and demographics about the segment. This information will be used to profile the behavior of that segment. [You may NOT use Wikipedia as a reference source in the paper. Blogs should be examined with care; not all are credible sources of information.]

The paper must include the following sections. Each should be a separate title in the paper so that they can be easily identified:

Introduction –

Explain the market segment have you chosen.

This may be written in first-person voice!

Facts about the segment –

Minimum of five references.

Must include reference citations in this section, followed by the facts learned.

Do not write narrative in this section - use bullet points.

This is objective, factual information.

Single-space this section only.

Estimated length = 2 pages

A day in the life of….. –

In this section of the paper, what was learned from the research to tell a story about this market segment.

At least 10 facts must be included in the story.

Underline the 10 facts.

In the story, include at least three products that this segment might purchase.

Underline the three products.

It could be "A day in the life of..." or "how XX segment shops" or a similar theme. The point is to get into the mind and purchasing habits of this market segment.

Do not put reference citations in this section.

You may use first-person voice and tell the story from a personal perspective.

Double-space this section.

Estimated length = 2 – 3 pages

Summary –

Provide your conclusions about this segment.

Explain which products could be marketed to this segment, and why

Describe how companies should market product to this segment.

Explain any key considerations for marketing to this segment.

Back to objective writing and use of third-person voice.

Double-space this section.

Estimated length = 1 – 2 pages.

Reference page.

Must follow correct APA format for references.


Title: Paper: Market Segment Analysis
Length: 6 pages (1650 Words)
Style: APA


Tennis for Male


In business, the success of the investment comes from the specialization of the needs of the people forming the market base. When a businessperson identifies the needs of the clients and lays a mechanism to provide the required products, the client base increases since the businessperson understands the needs. A market base is a wide business category with diverse needs. To understand the needs of a specific group of people, business people divide the whole market base into segments with common needs and concentrate on the provision of services and goods to the segment. Division of a broad market setting into smaller categories is a marketing strategy, which business people refer to as market segmentation. Different segments have different needs with the application of a single strategy in providing the solution due to the similarity of the needs.


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