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Our Divided Political Heart By E.J. Dione


Book review: Our Divided Political Heart by E.J. Dione


Title: Our Divided Political Heart By E.J. Dione
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Our Divided Political Heart by E.J Dione


Who is America as a nation? What tears the country apart? E.J Dionne in his book, ‘Our divided political heart’ argues that America as a country cannot agree who they are since the people cannot agree where they have been. The traditions of the land points not to the radical self-interest and self-reliance but to a balance that exists between our devotion to the community and the love for individual freedom. In this book, Dionne offers a great tour in the American history from the times of the founding fathers to Lincoln and clay and onto populism and progressives. He further claims that American is a great place to be since the federal government acts as a constructive and active partner with the community to promote prosperity, opportunity and American greatness.


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