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Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas
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Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas



The author of our course textbook developed his business model canvas approach to business planning through the instrument of his doctoral thesis. Note the two articles in the reading material (Lessons area) that relate some of the development of the Osterwalder and Pigneur business model canvas (along with other models). These articles, plus additional sources you can locate in the online library, will help to give you insight into the person behind the management approach that is the central focus of our comprehensive course project.

This first assignment is a 550-600 word research paper (using the two scholarly articles referenced above, plus two additional journal sources) that lends insight into the development and use of the business model canvas and the person(s) who developed it. NOTE: Four (minimum) scholarly journal sources are required for this paper.


Discuss the genesis of the Business Model Canvas

What are the unique features of the approach of the Business Model Canvas?

How does the Business Model Generation compare/contrast to other business model approaches?

What are the benefits and/or limitations of using Osterwalder’s business model canvas in the context of your organization?


Utilize the APA Helps as necessary in the Course Materials (in the Lessons area) to help you present your brief paper in APA format, which means that you need to write a Title Page and References Page separate from the body of the text of the paper (no abstract or author note are needed).

NOTE: Do not use macros or automatic referencing in your papers for this course. The auto features usually cause unforeseen problems in format. Plus, part of this course involves the student’s acquisition of the essentials of the APA style format


Title: Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas
Length: 2 pages (729 Words)
Style: APA


Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas

Discuss the genesis of the Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas started based on the need for value proposition and value improvement in business activities and scenarios. There was the need to not only create but also capture and follow up with the value enhancement process (Dudin, Kutsuri,  Fedorova, Dzusova, & Namitulina, 2015). The Business Model Canvas started with the need for lean startup and strategic management for the development of the existing business models or the creation of new models. Before entrepreneurs can offer a product or service to the customers, there is the need for analysis of the market and the consumer needs and the ability of the consumers to capture the intended value in the projected manner. This creates the need for understanding and analysis of different business models to enhance the success of business activities and ventures, especially in the age of business technology. With the development of technology-based firms, the Business Model Canvas became a common and reliable practice model.


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