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Osh 367 Assignment One


Students. For assignment as a group one you are to compile a list of human errors or human factors that contribute to incidents or accidents in the workplace. You are to use Ferrells theory as the model to accomplish this task. Use the factors of Overload, Inappropriate Responses and Inappropriate Activities. Develop 10 causes or examples of each for a total of 30. In addition you are to develop potential controls for each cause that you identify.


Title: Osh 367 Assignment One
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA


OSH 367 Assignment One

Occupation Health and Safety (OSH) researchers have indicated that 90 percent of the accidents at the workplace are attributed to human error. Consequently, organizations have realized that inculcating a culture of the right employee behavior at the workplace helps in reducing accidents. Dr. Russel Ferrell’s theory states that accidents at the workplace have multiple causative factors, the three most common being overload, incompatibility, and improper activities. Hence, effective control measures to avoid the three errors can promote a safe workplace.


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