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Organogram Analysis

Organogram Analysis


Analyze the structure of an organization of your choice. Would the organization you reviewed be the type of organization that would benefit from a Thought Leadership strategy?  Why or why not. What does it have that other organizations do not or what does it need that other organizations have? If you have identified it to be an organization that has the necessary ingredients for thought leadership, what is stopping the organization from moving ahead? Please conduct research to support your findings, citing at least one scholarly resource (in addition to the required reading) in APA format.

Part 2 of 4: Organizational structure is critical to knowledge based leadership endeavors. We have learned that incorporating the right mix of organizational culture supports developing thought leadership culture. In the organization you identified in Part 1, what would be some leadership avenues to get the culture headed in the right direction (Ex: webinar, coaching, seminar, online) to train and promote staff dedicated to thought leadership?  Build on two different ideas and include details.  

Part 3 of 4: Integrate a visual representation of a framework that would support your ideas developed in Part 2.


Title: Organogram Analysis
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA


Organogram Analysis

 Google, the giant IT company, prides its success on the effectiveness of its organization structure as well as its organization culture in supporting and sustaining innovation. Google’s organogram can be classified as a cross-functional one since it is an amalgamation of predominantly matrix organizational structure with the considerable application of flat structure (Alvesson, 2012). Organizations such as Google easily benefit from the thought leadership strategy since championing for new ideas is highly welcomed in the organization(Alhaddi, 2014). What Google has that other organizations do not have is a flexible work structure that cultures the freedom of workers. From its onset, Google has continually encouraged its employees to spend considerable time on projects not related to the organization. It is known that


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