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Organizational Leadership & Interprofesional Team Development


Utilizing the Patient and Family Care Assessment tool (located on the order instructions) , you are to decide which elements of the domain excel or do not meet the standards of family centered care. Each domain must be assessed and can be done is a sentence or two.You could score each of them however you choose but you must explain why it meet standards or what can be done to meet the standards. Enclosed is an example.The facility is made up and called New York Medical Center. I have attached my intro which needs to be tweaked but the demo info is accurate. In section A use little references as possible


Title: Organizational Leadership & Interprofesional Team Development
Length: 6 pages (1650 Words)
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Organizational Leadership & Interprofesional Team Development

Team Diversity

The Patient and Family Centered Care (PFCC) is a model for enhancing primary care through modification of the current practices to give patient-centered, coordinated, accessible, and comprehensive care that is regularly improved through teamwork coordination. Diverse stakeholders such as the Federal and State agencies, physicians, insurers, patient advocacy organizations, and family members are engaged in efforts to promote patient-centered medical care through practice support, recognition programs, and payment reform. There are patients with complex health issues who require intensive medical services provided by multiple health providers. Such cases require coordination from various health providers and other stakeholders, which calls for teamwork to enhance healthcare provided. Currently, the practice of teamwork has become an essential part in delivering healthcare services. Healthcare givers work as a team to make the job more efficient and easier hence improving and speeding upto full recovery of the patients.


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