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Organizational Frameworks


In the past half century, as organizations and administration have become increasingly pervasive, social scientists have devoted their time to develop theoretical frameworks to define how organizations function and how to make them easier to manage, navigate, and understand.  Several frameworks have emerged and evolved in an attempt to help administrators and managers negotiate the complexities of their jobs and the organizations for which they work.  The first reading outlines those frameworks.  There are supplemental readings you can take a look at that examine the history and role of management. Those selections are classics in the fields of management and organizational behavior.


1. Scott, Richard & Davis, Gerald.  Organizations and Organizing, ch. 1.

2. Treadway Tire case study – The case describes a problem with front-line supervisors in a classic mass production facility. Read the case study in preparation for an activity in next week’s class.


1. Identify the three organizational frameworks that Scott & Davis describe.  What are the main conceptual components of each framework?  What are the advantages of each one in diagnosing and solving problems of management practice?

2. Why is it important for management to understand organizational structure in order to be more effective managers?

Be sure to look over the scoring checklist (on the class slides) so that you know what is expected in your responses.


Title: Organizational Frameworks
Length: 2 pages (648 Words)
Style: MLA


Organizational Structure

Question 1

 There are three types of organizational frameworks namely; the functional, divisional and matrix structures (Scott et al. 20). These structures are used by managers in an organization to help in the achievement of the objectives of the organization. The functional structure is where employees are grouped into organizational units according to the part they play in the organization. The employees will be grouped in different departments, for example, the employees dealing with the purchase of goods will be in the purchasing department. In the case of large organizations, these divisions or departments in will be further subdivided into smaller ones to ensure that there is ease in coordination.


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