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Organizational Development Strategy


The scenario:

You have recently been appointed as the training manager for the southeastern division of a major supermarket chain in the U.S. Your territory includes fifteen retail stores and your responsibility involves working directly with store managers and other stakeholders to develop training solutions to meet the specific needs of the employees in the various stores. This includes, but is not limited to, performing needs assessments, determining appropriate instructional design and training delivery methods, and implementing and evaluating training initiatives.

Using scholarly resources and what you have learned, 8- to 10-pg training proposal including the following:

  • Using simple heuristics, identify the indicators and problems experienced by the three stores that can be resolved through training.
  • As a part of you training proposal, design a training proposal and identify three specific training initiatives that you would recommend for these employees. Make sure to include in your proposal the expected outcomes for the three training initiatives.
  • Select one of the three training initiatives you identified and develop a budget of the estimated costs to implement this initiative (include this in your final training proposal).

Cite all sources using APA 


Title: Organizational Development Strategy
Length: 8 pages (1500 Words)
Style: APA



Being procured as a preparation administrator for the southeastern division of the grocery store chain in the US, I will propose a suggestion of training activities and measures for understanding the present issues confronted by the retail general store chain containing 15 retail locations. There are various issues like deals diminish, representative turnover misfortune, and not satisfying objectives of offers of retail locations according to three store reports, low consumer loyalty, uselessly worker expertise and weak abilities of new procured issues added to problems that need training. The proposition offers the activities for the practical training in the chain for the arrangement of the matter of the general store's chain of retail locations. The given beneath areas offers the points of interest in the different training activities for the chain, and it's new and also old specialists separately. Indicators and problems experienced by supermarket store chain.


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