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Organizational Behavior and Communication
Management 4 Pages

Organizational Behavior And Communication


This discussion assignment and it is for my Management class and it’s about the Organizational Behavior & Communication.

Instructions for the dissuasion:

Discussion Board Forums are the most direct online equivalent to in class discussions, and as such are the primary component of 'Class Involvement'.

At the Forum level, the flow and development of ideas is what is important.  As such, branching in threads is permitted.  

A good place to start is to think about what surprised you, what you found obvious, what you agree with and what you disagree with - and more importantly 'why?'.  Why were you suprised?  

Why did you agree? 

So discuss what the article about, and give you opinion. Sometime what is obvious to you is a surprise to someone else - for different reasons. Lets uncover and explore these differences between us.


Title: Organizational Behavior And Communication
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA


Organizational Behavior and Communication

The Hidden Traps in Decision Making

According to the article, wrong decisions made in the business can be traced back from the way decisions were made. The authors argue bad decisions originate from the unclear definition of alternative options, failure to collect the correct information, and failure to weigh the pros and cons of a given decision. Notably, the authors are very right when they observe that, sometimes wrong decisions could originate from the mind of the decision maker and not the decision-making process. The authors believe the way the human brains function can sabotage the decisions and choices we make. The authors describe eight traps that affect the way decisions are made. The first trap is the anchoring trap that limits the ability to give equal weight to two options. Status quo trap is a bias towards the current state of affairs;the sunk-cost trap propagates the past mistakes, and the confirming evidence trap compels individuals to favor existing predilection. Others are the framing trap, the overconfidence trap, the prudence trap and the recallability trap.


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