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Organization Learning


Suppose that your organization, or an organization with which you are familiar, is dealing with a major issue in transitioning individual learning (e.g sharing knowledge, training, programs, working as a team, experiences, procedures, processes, e.t.c ) into organizational
learning. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has asked you, as the Vice President of Human Resources, to assist with the issue and recommendations to address the issue, you must first research the root of the problem and the resistance to this transition.

Write a three to four-five page paper in which you:

1. Assess the organization’s culture as it relates to shared knowledge, and then specify the significant issues that you discovered with the culture. Determine the disconnect you observed between the culture and organizational learning using three (3) of the five (5) my stifications. Support your response with at least two (2) examples of each selected
mystification within the organization.

2. Give your opinion on the current Organizational Learning Mechanism (s) (OLMs) that hinder organizational learning. Support your response with two (2) example of a training or learning initiative (e.g., sharing knowledge, training programs, working as a team, experiences procedures, processes, etc) and the outcome when it was applied to the organization.

3. Determine which one (1) of the following OLMs is suitable for replacing the identified OLM(s) that hinder organizational learning as a corrective action to facilitate the transition from individual to organizational learning: Off-line/internal, off-line/external or on-line/External. Justify your selection.

4. Evaluate the norms of the organization’s learning culture to
determine the source(s) that currently prevent productive learning by applying three (3) of the following norms: inquiry, issue orientation, transparency, integrity or accountability. Provide at least two (2) example of each of the selected norms’ manifestation within the organization in your evaluation.


Title: Organization Learning
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: APA


This paper will study a certain stock brokerage firm's difficulty in the transition from individual learning to organization learning. It will also offer solutions that can help the employees and the organization to overcome the different challenges hindering them from strengthening organizational learning.

The Organization’s Culture and Its Effect on Organizational Learning

The organization’s culture is characterized by extreme competition for investors as there is a commission to be made for every investment made by one’s client. The significant issue I found with this culture is that although it boosts the employees’ motivation and productivity, competition hinders cooperation and communication (Argote and Ingram, 2000). As such, this is the main hindrance to transitioning from individual learning to organizational learning. The disconnect between the firm’s culture and its organizational learning can be determined using three of the five mystifications of organizational learning:


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