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Organization Analysis Repair Shop


Students are to individually research and select an organization that they are familiar with and conduct a structured interview with one of its senior leaders. Students may select any organization other than the “Baldrige Case Situation” organizations and “Major Project” organizations. If practical and appropriate, the seven Criteria for Performance Excellence areas may be used as a basis for the interview with the overarching purpose being to identify “typical” business practices within their organization or specific work unit. 


A written summary report is to be prepared including: why the organization was selected; a description of the “typical practices” for each of the criteria; a discussion of “gaps” (if any) between the “typical practices” reported and various “best practices” such as those identified with organizations winning the Baldrige; and, a summary paragraph indicating the overall “lesson(s)” for students of 'Leaders in organizations'. The summary report should be a maximum of two (2) double spaced typed pages in length. Before writing the summary report each student is be expected to apply what they have learned by completing the assessment tool attached: “Criteria for Performance Excellence: Self-Assessment” of the course materials for the selected organization and attach the assessment to the summary report. 

Consider the role leaders play in their organizations and their impact on performance excellence. For your organization please think about the gap between current realities and the ideal future by answering the following questions:

  1. What are your organization’s customer-focused results, including customer satisfaction and product and service results?
  2. What are your organization’s key financial and marketplace performance results?
  3. What are your organization’s workforce-focused results, including employee well being, satisfaction, development, and work system performance?
  4. What are your organization’s key work systems and work process results?
  5. What are your organization’s key operational performance results that contribute to the achievement of organizational effectiveness? Business Results An organization’s success depends on fostering the development of systematic approaches to analyzing business results and deploying improvement actions.

Title: Organization Analysis Repair Shop
Length: 2 pages (577 Words)
Style: MLA


Organization Analysis

The organization in the consideration is a repair shop in the USA. The organization performs many duties to its member and commonly known as Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization. The organization priority to customers need should be given the priority. The focus on the customers should be the first in terms of considerations, and the leadership team has to ensure everyone adheres to it. When it comes to strategy, there have to be organized strategies that include the objectives, influential leaders, committed team, and the one that will ensure that all customers’ expectations happen. The most complicated area is when it comes to gathering information concerning the customers. One does not have to rely on listening to customers view but predict their views and moves. The organization has to have skilled personnel who will ensure gathering and analyzing data, feedbacks from does the task appropriately. The paper analyzes on performance of an organization.


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