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Organisational Development And Change Presentation


Find an article  that is anyhow connected with Organizational Development and Change and write an analysis that takes that particular situation from the article and link it with any major model/theory that can be taught in the books on Organizational Development and Change. And also give your own reflection/ insights, which may be personal and go beyond stated theory.


Title: Organisational Development And Change Presentation
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Organisational Development and Change Presentation

Many companies have turned their fortunes from the brink of bankruptcy by changing their organisational arrangement. By varying the structure, an organisation can markedly improve its productivity. A company’s structure should ensure that the employees produce at the maximum levels. A clear command in an organisation is necessary to make certain that no communication breakdown between the senior management and the junior employees of the company. Each in the establishment should actively participate in the planning process hence making them feel they are responsible for the success of the organisation. In an organisation structure, the employees need to solve the problems they face rather than avoid them.


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