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Management 6 Pages

Operation Management: Discussion Querstions



1. Part A: A computer repair service has a design capacity of 80 repairs per day, an effective capacity of 64 repairs per day, and an actual output of 62 repairs per day. The manager would like to increase the number of repairs per day. Which of the following factors would you recommend that the manager investigate: quality problems, absenteeism, or scheduling and balancing? Explain your answers.

NOTE: This is a quantitative question and requires the use of a mathematical model within this week's course chapters for full credit.

Part B: Provide from a personal experience or observation a situation where the capacity plannnig processes used were significantly less than efficient for both the employees and consumer.

2. Part A: The owner of a fast-food franchise has exclusive rights to operate in a medium-sized metropolitan area. The owner current has a single outlet open, which has proved to be very popular and often has long waiting lines of customers. The owner is therefore considering opening one or more outlets in the area. What are the key factors the owner should investiage before making a final decision? What trade-offs would there be in opening one additional site versus opening several additional sites?

Part B: From personal observations or experience, provide an example of where a business has decided to expand to multiple sites. Please explain your observations and associated rationale regarding the results of their decision.

3. Part A: Service operations often face more difficulty in planning than their manufacturing counterparts. However, service does have certain advantages that manufacturing often does not. Explain service planning difficulty, and the advantages and disadvantages.

Part B: From personal observations or experience, provide an example of where service planning difficulties have been self-evident. Explain what you feel they could have done better from a planning strategy perspecti

4. Part A: Given the complexities and risks involved with supply chains, might it make sense for a business organization to vertically integrate and be its own supply chain?

Part B: From personal observations or experience, provide an example of a company that has relied upon its own vertical integrated supply chain. Briefly discuss if you felt it made sense and why. What were the issues that were evident?

5. Part A: Doctors’ and dentists’ offices frequently schedule patient vistis at regularly spaced intervals. What problems does this create? Can you suggest an alternative approach to reduce these problems? Under what circumstances would regularly spaced appointments consitutue a reasonable approach to patient scheduling?

Part B: From personal observations or experience, provide an example where you have seen where service operations have used non-regularly spaced appointment intervals. Did you feel it worked resonably well? Please explain.


Title: Operation Management: Discussion Querstions
Length: 6 pages (1721 Words)
Style: APA


Operation Management: Discussion Querstions

Answer One

Part A

The manager would investigate the scheduling and balancing issue relating to computer repairs. This would be explained in the light of the possible capacity setting of the computer. The computer is capable of making 80 repairs in a day and this could be used to calculate the duration of one repair. Using this as a guideline, the manager could schedule the repairs and balance with the number of workers to accomplish it. Aiming to make a repair in computing time would enable the workers to maximize input that could lead to increased output and surpass the effective level. Although the other factors affecting the actual repairs made using the computer could be experienced, the organization may succeed in making more repairs if the computer is operated at appropriate settings or schedules. Similarly, there may be no quality issues or absenteeism, yet the company may make fewer actual repairs which are primarily determined through scheduling.


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