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Online Dating Versus Traditional Dating


Short Argument Paper

For this paper, you need to construct an argument. You may wish to support a position on an issue, or you may propose and support a solution to a problem. This paper should demonstrate your ability to clearly take a position on an arguable topic and support that position with your logic and support from sources.  This paper should be 1,250-1,500 words (the works cited page is in addition to these words) and be supported by at least six outside sources, including two professional journal articles. Sources may include interviews, pamphlets, lectures, government documents, t.v. programs,  books, journals, magazines, newspapers, and reliable internet sources. Dictionaries and encyclopedias do not count as adequate sources for the paper. You may use them to supplement your six good sources, but they will not count as part of the six sources. Do not use Wikipedia.  For this paper, you must use formal, MLA documentation style. Be sure that anytime you use ideas or material from any source, even if you put those ideas into your own words, you credit the source in the essay where you use the material; otherwise, you are plagiarizing, and that will result in a zero for the paper. And if you do use the exact words from your source,  be sure to put those words in quotation marks  and credit the source to avoid plagiarism.  Remember that it is not enough just to stick a works cited page at the end of your essay. Sources must be cited in the body paragraphs of the essay as you use them and credited at the point they are used. Citations in the paper must match with the sources listed on the works cited page. Be sure to check this when you proofread  your essay. Please list your word count at the end of the essay.

You should choose a topic that you are interested in and have thought about. Narrow your focus to a manageable topic that can be developed in depth in 1,250-1,500 words.  You need to have a clear position put forward in a well developed thesis statement. A thesis statement should be in the form of a statement, not a question. Your thesis should clarify what your position on the topic will be. Remember, a controversial thesis statement may need more of a lead in than a less shocking position would.  Think of your audience. Develop and support your thesis throughout the body of the paper. You may use your own experience as well as material from your sources to support your claims; however, you may not count your experience as one of your six sources.  Do not use inflammatory language, faulty analogy, or any of the other argumentative fallacies we discussed.

Remember to narrow your focus. For example, do not just say that you want to discuss spousal abuse; say that you want to propose a method for rehabilitating abusers.  Or, you want to argue why there should be stricter laws protecting abused spouses. If you try to cover too large a topic, your information will stay on such a general level that you will not tell your readers anything they do not know already.

Because this is an argument, you must build into your essay a response to the questions your opposition would most likely ask.  This does not mean that you split the paper into an equal discussion of the points made by both sides. Your main focus is on explaining and supporting your position. But, a strong, credible argument should respond to the opposition’s position and explain why that position is not as strong as the one the writer proposes.  Remember the sample arguments we discussed in class.

Topics to Avoid!

You may choose almost any arguable topic you like.  I would suggest avoiding historical topics unless you really can create a unique argument about some historical event.  For example, I once had a student ask if she could write about slavery.  "What do you plan to argue?" I asked.  "That it was a bad thing," she responded.  Well, except for a few crazy people, I think we all agree slavery is bad.  So, there is no point composing such an argument. It is also wise to avoid topics for which there is no scientific proof. For example, the question of whether or not God exists is a matter of faith. You are not likely to argue anyone into or out of believing. In addition, I suggest you avoid topics where credible sources are hard to find. Debates about whether or not space aliens exist or whether or not Elvis is really dead usually involve sources with about as much credibility as The National Enquirer, so skip such topics.

There are also several topics which have been around so long, that it is almost impossible to find anything new to say on these subjects. Below is a list of subjects which you should avoid. If you write about one of these topics anyway, I will deduct twenty (20) points from your paper. So, please note: Do not write about the following topics.

Stay away from the topic of abortion because people's feelings on that subject tend to run so high that most papers on the topic slip into name calling and false statements.  Also, capital punishment, global warming, gun control, lowering the drinking age to 18, legalizing marijuana, and physician assisted suicide have been argued for so many years that it is difficult to find anything original to add to the debate. Also, stay away from the playoffs versus picks topic for sports.  So, you may want to avoid those topics for that reason.  So, pick any other topic you like, but remember, you are responsible for constructing a legitimate, ethical argument on your topic, that uses reliable sources for support and goes beyond a rehash of cliched statements.

This paper must also show your own thought. The argument represents your opinion of the topic backed up by facts from your sources. You will not pass this assignment if all you create is a patchwork of quotes, summaries, and paraphrases from your sources. Explain to the reader what makes your evidence so strong. Why should we be persuaded by your statistics?  What does your example prove?  Why were you so convinced by the data you found in your sources? Your They Say, I Say textbook is a great source for models on how to do this.

Annotated Works Cited Project

 For this project, you will be asked to create an annotated works cited page which will be due before the finished paper is due (  Thursday, March 17, for the Tuesday/Thursday classes and  Wednesday, March 23 for the Wednesday class). This project will be worth up to 20 points and is a separate grade from the paper.  The annotated works cited page will basically be a rough draft of your works cited page, including the sources you think you will use in the paper in an MLA format works cited page.  The “annotated” part of the assignment means that you will need to include a one or two sentence summary of the main point or purpose of each article on your works cited list, the “annotation.”  This means that you must read the sources before you can put them on your list. If you have not read them, you cannot do an annotation. This activity is to force any procrastinators to start research early, to let me check to see that you are using appropriate sources, and for you to practice your MLA format. OK?

Brainstorming for topics:

  • What should the US do about ISIS?
  • Should we continue fracking in the US?
  • Based on the dangers resulting from concussions in football, what should the NFL do? (Or high schools or colleges?)
  • And speaking of football, discuss the controversies over what punishments the NFL should give to players who abuse their wives or children?
  • Beauty pageants for kids: Confidence booster or child abuse?
  • Parenting in America: Are we too lenient? Is spanking a legitimate form of discipline or child abuse?
  • Breast feeding in public places? Discuss!
  • New options in home schooling: Do new online resources make home schooling a better choice for children?
  • Do animals have feelings? If so, how will this change the way we treat them?
  • Should we clone prize horses, bulls, etc?

Those are some ideas to get you started.  They are, by no means, the only topic options.


Title: Online Dating Versus Traditional Dating
Length: 5 pages (1558 Words)
Style: MLA


Online Dating versus Traditional Dating

Online dating is one of a kind in the quest for sentiment. The bond made between potential accomplices takes an alternate way than the traditional dating connections. Web dating typically starts with a whirlwind of email messages, every more close than the last. Conventional dating relationships that may take months to create in this present reality take weeks or even days on the web. Much has been composed about digital dating where most people argue that online dating should not be considered as an ethical way of meeting a lifetime or a potential life partner.

 For starters, most online dating sites are all organized comparatively. Members give a photo and answer a variety of inquiries including their geographical location, age, weight or body sort, educational level, salary and other applicable demographics. What's more, most locales permit members to compose a few sections portraying themselves. A few destinations require the member to answer a subjective appraisal with the goal that they can be coordinated to potential dates. This information makes it easier for a person to choose a life partner whom they see fits be in their lives. This is unlike the traditional dating method where a person meet someone, and it takes a longer period to know more about them.


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