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Online Crime
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Online Crime


I want you to look up a topic related to IT using the library of Indiana State University as a resource. When you choose a topic, look up what people said about it through the library researches and come up with question as a topic and list these sources. The sources should  be from the library. Here is the library website: Here is what should you put in this essay beside the topic. Please submit your research question by including:

1- The question, and it must be a question, or a statement that implies inquiry. 

2- How you plan to prove the statement true or false. 

3- Any links to research articles that you may have found to support your statements. Very excited to read these, and to watch you briefly summarize them in class. I will ask the same writer later on to write a research paper on the same topic using the resource he used now for this topic. Please try to choose a simple topic related to computer, mobile phone something easy like that .


Title: Online Crime
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


Will Online Crime Reporting Reduce Cases of Theft in the University?

Federal Bureau of Investigations (n.d.) state that the concept of crime reporting system was developed to enhance the capability for capturing accurate information for report generation and record keeping activities. This chapter thus seeks to explore the concept of an online crime reporting system through outlining the efficiency of adopting such a system. It also illustrates the changes brought about by successful implementation of a crime reporting system.


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