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Management 2 Pages

Online Business Registration


Select a project that you can use for this assignment. The project should be one from your past, present, or future career work situation.

Use the scope statement template, which I have attached, to develop a 2-3 page scope statement for the project.


Title: Online Business Registration
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


General Objective

The general target of the task is to build an online platform for company registration in U.S in a bid to boost the quality of service delivery to the citizens.

Specific Objectives

To collect comprehensive stakeholder information.

To analyze the stakeholder requirements.

To design the web application.

To test the functionality of the application.

To implement a platform for name search and of registration services in United States of America.


A web application that enables:

  • i. To hand in the proposal in good time.
  • ii. Collect the stakeholder information adequately.
  • iii. To design the application.
  • iv. To test the application

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