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Online Business Marketing Strategies


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Title: Online Business Marketing Strategies
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Online Business Marketing Strategies

The Business

An online store is a feasible business plan. In the past, it was hard to obtain a suitable mode of entertainment. This challenge has, however, been leveled by the advancement in technology. One just requires access to the internet to obtain entertainment. The internet has enabled consumers worldwide to access their favorite media. An online entertainment store will offer many clients the opportunity to buy or sell music as per their wish. It will have a wide target of over twenty million customers who spend a lot of cash yearly on entertainment.

Among the products traded on the online store are music and movies. The products will trade to customers worldwide. An online store has the advantage of a larger customer base compared to a local entertainment store. It, therefore, generates more sales revenue and profits than a local entertainment store. Operations of the online entertainment store will be carried out via a website. This will enable it to reach a wider audience worldwide. It will also offer customers an option of choosing preferred payment method. The online store will have the benefits of being cheap and flexible in comparison to print media. It will also operate full time; have multiple revenue streams and a wide geographical reach. It has a standardized sales performance.

 The products are value added due to convenience of use. The store will be more credible to use than local entertainment stores (David, 2009). Dummy maps will guide potential customers. This will create an opportunity for growth. It will enable customers to provide feedback on the products. This makes market research easier. The store will also offer extra services such as song lyrics, movie reviews, and advisories to buyers and web logs. It will establish itself as a prominent store by offering expertise on online technologies that are particular to a wide market. This will generate revenue through customer satisfaction. A wide experience on the domain will be useful for dominating the market.


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