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Finance 10 Pages

Occupational Research Paper



The occupational research paper is an exercise not only in career planning and development, but also offers you insight into researching, organizing and composing a thorough, research-based report in APA format. The report is mainly comprised of secondary data, but may contain primary data as well. The assignment is worth a total of 100 points and is scored using a standardized scoring rubric. Please review the rubric thoroughly prior to beginning your paper, so you can understand expectations more precisely.

In 10-15 pages, provide a thorough overview of your chosen occupation, if you have not yet decided on your occupation, select something you are considering and use it as a basis for the research paper. The paper will begin with a transmittal memo. The remainder of the paper will be formatted according to the APA guidelines. More specifically your paper will include the following APA style headings (and subheadings):



Occupation Description

-Requirements and Education (subheadings)

-Duties and Responsibilites (subheading)

-Salary and Benefits (subheading)

Occupational Outlook



In order to finalize the document, you should:

  1. Include a minimum of 10 full pages of content (not including the transmittal memo, title page or references)
  2. Reference sources in APA format - including both in text citations and a reference page (not footnotes)
  3. Use a minimum of 10 sources, including as least one book, one journal article and one magazine article
  4. Include between 2-4 graphics, citing them properly in APA format. Graphics may collectively account for no more than one page of the total report.
  5. Include all required headings and subheadings, properly displayed per APA requirements
  6. Edit to insure the document is free of grammatical or mechanical writing errors

Title: Occupational Research Paper
Length: 10 pages (3016 Words)
Style: MLA


Occupational Research


The services of financial managers are required by any organization. They involve the general managerial functions, budgeting, and financial analysis. Financial managers are also expected to prepare financial reports and interpret them to senior management. At the same time, financial managers advise organizational management on different areas such as how to gain a competitive front in the market, pricing of products and allocation of financial resources in the business. The educational and skills requirements for financial managers are also diverse, with a Bachelor’s degree being a requirement for the entry level. The skills requirements are the general requirements for managers that include good decision making and problem solving skills, effective communication skills, and numerical and IT skills. The paper discusses the general occupational description of a financial manager, as well as professional outlook.


 Finance is one of the most growing occupational fields in the modern century. This is based on the need for organizations to account for resources and activities leading to a profit or loss. With increased diversity of businesses and the aspects of globalization, the field of finance has attracted attention from many sectors. Organizations are consistently seeking for qualified and experienced financial experts, something that has made the field open to a wide range of salary and benefits. In institutions of learning, many students now prefer taking finance and other business courses due to their increased marketability.


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