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English 101 2 Pages

Novel Review: A Complicated Kindness And Mister Pip


Demonstrate an ability to clearly communicate ideas and opinions, both about the two novels, “A complicated kindness” and “Mister Pip”.

Task: Which of the novels had a better ending? Why? Defend your choice in a clear one- to two-page response applying the four elements of good endings. Write one paragraph for each element and explain which ending used that element more effectively. Be sure to be specific in defending your thoughts.

Elements of good endings:

Resolution: Endings shouldn’t leave you hanging! In narrative, characters are involved in various conflicts, which the reader hopes to see resolved. This does not necessarily mean a happy ending though. The resolution can be sad, as you saw with the tragedies you listened to in Unit one. If there isn’t resolution, often readers will be left with the impression that the ending was too abrupt or left too many unanswered questions. This is often the element that is missing when people complain about endings.

Character Growth: The audience expects that the main character will somehow be changed, for better or for worse, as a result of the conflicts the character has endured. The main character may come to a final realization or acceptance as part of his/her growth. If the character doesn’t grow or realize anything, the reader may feel that there was no point to the novel or that the ending was sudden.

Unity: Unity can appear in all types of writing and presentations. It occurs in endings when the writer returns to an idea, image, metaphor, key phrase or approach that was used in the opening. You often see this in editorials and speeches, as well as narratives like novels, plays and short stories. Essentially it is the idea of coming full circle. The reader is left with a satisfying feeling that everything fit together in the end.

Recurrent Symbols or Themes: Often a writer will refer to a symbol that was introduced earlier in the novel, or even in the title. Usually these symbols are connected to a theme of the narrative. This element often allows the writer’s skill and style to shine.. but only if it is used in a subtle way.


Title: Novel Review: A Complicated Kindness And Mister Pip
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Novel Review

 ‘Mister Pip’ by New Zealand’s Lloyd Jones and ‘A complicated Kindness’ by Canadian Miriam Toews are two award winning literatures books of great comparison. The main characters in the book endeavor great hurdles and conflicts, in the storyline before ending up in divergent ways. In A Complicated Kindness, the sterling, named Nomi, lived in Mennonite, a town of a society with strict religious values whereby whoever does not abide by them is rendered an outcast (Claire 19). Nomi’s family is in shatters with her mother and sister having abruptly left the family, a consequence Nomi blames on the community’s stringent values enforced by her Uncle Hans Rosenfeldt, who was the powerful religious figure in the town. Nomi is rebellious and utterly sardonic and always in continuous battle with many people such as her teacher, Mr. Quiring and her Uncle. She is, however, loyal to her father who is emotionally dented by his fallen family, and Nomi vows that unlike her mother and sister she will be there to provide for her father (Toews 39).


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